Kyäni Xtreme Health Triangle Pack™

Product Code : 101ENXHTP

What you will get :

1- Kyäni Sunrise 30oz Bottle
1- Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle
1- Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 56ml
contribution to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Product Decsription :

The most powerful health triangle on the market! Featuring Kyäni Nitro Xtreme™, Kyäni Sunrise™, and Kyäni Sunset™, this is powerful health triangle pack is ideal for Athletes or executives and provides a powerful combination of supplements to keep you performing at the extreme. What makes the Xtreme Health Triangle extreme? - Kyäni Nitro Xtreme! Kyäni Nitro Xtreme uses a more concentrated form of Noni than the standard health triangle. It is uniquely formulated to include CoQ10, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Magnesium and other ingredients to maximize the power of this outstanding supplement. Kyäni Nitro Xtreme contains ingredients which are known to increase nutrient metabolisation, this means that by taking Xtreme at the same time as Kyäni Sunrise and Kyäni Sunset, you receive even more benefit from the other products too. Like the Kyäni Health Triangle, the Xtreme Health Triangle contains only top class ingredients intelligently formulated to provide you with the ultimate in nutritional supplementation. Kyäni Sunrise is based on the powerful wild Alaskan blueberry and contains, vitamins, minerals and berry and plant extracts. Each ingredient in this powerful supplement is a unique and valuable contribution to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Kyäni Sunset combines the purest form of Vitamin E - tocotrienols from the Annatto plant with Omega 3s from wild alaskan Sockeye salmon and other wild Alaskan fish. Taking Kyäni Sunset regularly can contribute positively to the normal function of heart and brain as well as vision thanks to its high EPA/DHA levels. Take the Xtreme Health Triangle – and live life to the Xtreme!

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